Life in Color (18"x28", marker and colored pencil)

To explore different mediums of art! Also for the AP Studio Art portfolio :)
Everyday Life (15"x25", graphite)
This piece was the first time I spent over 70 hours on a single artwork — I wanted to make the piece as detailed as possible. I ended up receiving a National Gold Medal in the Scholastics Art and Writing competition for this piece and attended a national ceremony at Carnegie Hall. My artwork was also featured in national exhibitions as part of Art.Write.Now.
Fruit and Flora (18"x24", oil)
Apprehension (14"x20", charcoal)
Melting (18"x26", colored pencil)
At this point in my portfolio, I was feeling pretty uninspired, and my friend at studio said "Dude just draw me and make it crazy" and this ended up being one of my favorite pieces.
Voice of the Unheard (24"x32", graphite)

Mr. Zhang (11"x14", oil)

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